Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing


Mix a touch of high-end luxury with easy-living practicality by choosing a Perfect orangery. A bespoke combination of brick pillars and glass, an orangery makes an elegant extension to any home.

  • We design every orangery individually, then our skilled craftspeople custom-build it here in the UK
  • Your safety and comfort are paramount, so we use high-tech security features and insulation for year-round use
  • Our orangeries reflect the historical grandeur of their origins in Renaissance Italy but benefit from state-of-the-art design and materials

Orangeries are a wonderful addition to a home. Lantern roofs give a traditional architectural touch and bespoke bi-fold doors can be made in any size you require. When you throw them open on long summer evenings it brings a touch of elegance to al fresco dining. If you already know that you want this style of extension, look no further, millimetre-acurate machining and finishing techniques to ensure we deliver the highest standards of workmanship.

An Orangery provides a substantial extension and is suitable for most styles of property. From a modern house to a listed building it is often the perfect solution and, if it is sympathetically designed, we can usually obtain planning permission for you even in a conservation area.

  • Our Orangeries come with security measures such as shoot lock bolts and anti-forcing devices.
  • Our Orangeries come with range of windows types including bay, casement, sash, cottage and tilt and turn.
  • Our Orangeries can be made from a range of materials including uPVC and aluminium.
  • 10 Year insurance backed guarantee.
Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing

Our contemporary range of conservatories are a simple, affordable way of extending your home.
Plus, we never ask for a deposit.

Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing

Our conservatories feature a comprehensive 10 year gurantee on all our materials and workmanship.

Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing

Whichever style you prefer, Perfect design and tailor your conservatory to suit the way you want to live. Choose from a range of shapes and tailor yours to suit your needs.

uPVC Colours

Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing

Aluminum Colours

Perfect Wirral conservatories windows and doors, double glazing
Any RAL Colour

Our standard of conservatory door glass

Up to 80% of energy loss through a window occurs at its edge.

Warm edge products aim to minimize this energy loss. Warm Edge Technology refers to the edge construction of a double, triple or quadruple glazed unit that conducts less heat or cold than traditional windows and standard construction glazed units.

Standard glazed units or insulated glass sealed units are constructed with an aluminium spacer to hold the glass apart. However, aluminium is highly conductive and also has an exceptionally high thermal energy loss.

Comparatively, double glazed windows fitted with warm edge spacer have a warmer internal edge temperature by up to 65% which helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the window and reduce the risk of condensation.

Warm edge also significantly lowers the temperature differential between centre and edge of unit and up to 94% reduced heat loss (or heat gain) at the external edge of your window.

While making a real contribution to the environment, this heat saving can help to reduce the heat consumption or air conditioning requirements of a home which lowers carbon emissions and saves money on fuel bills.

Warm edge technology can also help to reduce condensation on your sealed unit by up to 70%. This reduction in moisture virtually eliminates the chance of mould growth and potentially harmful bacteria. This is an essential consideration for the increasing number of people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma.

See and for more information on our highest performance Passive House approved spacer systems. For our warm edge product listings

The below image shows a superior technology Thermobar insulated glass sealed unit designed to minimise energy loss through your windows.

We supply and install a whole range of conservatories throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire areas, our premium conservatory installations are available in a host of styles and finishes. No matter what type of conservatory you want to have fitted into your Wirral, Liverpool or Cheshire home, we are sure to have the perfect conservatory design and installation service to suit your needs and requirements.

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